Forest Painting - England and Abroad

Savernake Forest Scene...private collection

Savernake Forest. Acrylic on canvas 35  inch by 25 inch.
Art commissions accepted for similar artwork.

Many of my forest paintings have been inspired by the countless enjoyable hours I have spent in the beautiful Savernake Forest near my Wiltshire  home.

I love to watch the deer, or wander amongst the trees, some, planted in the year of my birth. I like to say they were planted for me!

Most recently I was honoured to attend the birthday party in Savernake Forest of my friend Matthew. We celebrated not only him but also the limited season of the rare Purple Emperor butterfly!
It turned up right on cue and flitted past the gathering with appropriate majesty.

 As a naturalist and fellow devotee of the forest, Matthew was quick to recognise the location of the forest artwork above.

Savernake Forest is one of my favourite locations for painting woodland scenes.

It consists mostly of magnificent Beech trees with their shallow roots spreading under flinty trails 'turfing' and 'lifting ' any pathway they can reach.

There are also millennia-enduring Oak trees; some, so old they are known locally as the King and Queen Oaks.

In another spot again, you will find many acres of coniferous trees. Rich canopies of fragrant greenery provide top residencies for discerning Wood Owl families,  fussy Jays and the odd Buzzard.
Meanwhile forest hares and fallow deer shelter amidst a bouquet of Pine scented early morning mists.

An example of forest artwork in a smaller size
by the artist Stephen Lewis Gilmore

Savernake Forest, Acrylic art on canvas, 26cm x 20 cm.
Private collection.

Art commission accepted for a similar size and style.

Forest Scene Art Commissions

Whether you want to buy artwork as a gift, or whether you are an art collector I would be delighted to accept an art commission for a forest painting of your choice. 

If you are interested, simply provide me with a photograph of your desired forest scene along with any other requirements such as the medium in which you wish it to be painted or sketched.
Past art commissions of this kind include those done for Wiltshire News and The Forestry Commission.

Or, I can visit the location you favour. Previous exciting art commissions that preferred the more personal touch have led me to wonderful forests in France, Switzerland, Austria, Canada and Sweden, as well as to the English forests of Wareham in Dorset and Kings Wood in Somerset.

Autumn Forest Painting

Autumn scenes provide wonderful material for pastel painting as well as traditional oil paintings.
Some dear friends of mine, who have links with the Champagne region of France, insisted that I should go with them to see for myself a great forest which was stunning in it's Autumnal array. Although the sunlight was strong at times, the air was cool enough for me to get quite cold as I produced pastel paintings with a palette range that was a delight for me.
During the Winter, back on English soil, I produced oil paintings from all sketches I had made on site.

Move from Forest Painting to contact me with your art commission or with any related questions.

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