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I am a Wiltshire artist, an English artist, based in Swindon UK. 

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If you know me personally or as a musician, you may know me as Stevie Gilmore. I am the same person. Welcome to my artist website :-)

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I am happy to talk by phone to discuss your requirements (I am on a UK number). 
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I paint in many different artistic mediums.

  • oil paint art
  • watercolour and acrylic art painting
  • pen and ink
  • engraving
  • tempera
  • portraits from photographs
  • mural works of art

My works of art are held in private collections all over the world.

Below you will find a little information on what inspires me to paint.

Alternatively, you might like to click through to read some of the nice things others have said about my artwork.

The Artistic Inspiration for this Wiltshire Artist

english landscape artist

I love the undulating grassy uplands of southern England.

I have painted all over this beautiful planet, but I always come back to the rolling chalk downland (where I grew up, where I was born, my homeā€¦).

There is something visually pleasing about the way chalk down hills gracefully undulate. How the paths, tracks and river valleys wind and 'snake'.

I love this Wiltshire landscape in all seasons but, most of all, I enjoy the spring and summer when wildflower meadows sparkle and cereal crops crackle in golden sunlight.

When kicked up by the wind or farm vehicles, chalk seems to act as a kind of yellow-pink 'filter', giving a light effect that I have encountered nowhere else.

I walk in grassy swards from dawn till dusk in the summer and I'm truly in paradise, one with God.

I paint because this landscape demands that I express my passion for this lovely bit of England's fair countryside.

I care about it and hope that if you like what you see here, then perhaps, you will care about it too.


Stephen Lewis Gilmore, Wiltshire Artist. 'I heart chalk' 2013. (Barbary Castle)

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What Others Say...


Wiltshire Life will be holding its annual awards initiative this year to celebrate the many talented people that are found in our county.

Each category has been judged by a highly distinguished panel of judges. 

I am delighted to inform you that you have won in the category of Artist/Musician of the year.

"The artwork of Stephen Lewis Gilmore is excitingly honest, and technically sound - rare these days."

Jennifer Button, Artist and author of The Haunting of Harriet

"Hi Stephen,

Hope you are well.  Just thought I'd let you know that people have been making very complimentary comments about the Bluebell Wood scene painting I commissioned.

I told them of your painting skills and other unique qualities!"

Paul Sunners, Head Teacher

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I am also known as the musician and the artist Stevie Gilmore.
Stevie Gilmore is the name I use in every day life.

Sometimes people call me Stephen or Steve.
Sometimes they mispell my name as Gilmour.

If you are looking for me, hopefully I will have helped you to do so by listing these alternatives!

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