Landscape Painting of
Stephen Lewis Gilmore
Oil and Acrylic, English Contemporary Art For Sale

It's hard for me to describe my style of landscape painting because I just do it. Whilst mine is a traditional style, you can see that it is also very much contemporary.

To me the act of drawing is using a pencil or a brush or even engraving into a surface, it is all drawing and not just, as most will think, drawing in pencil on paper.

My work, as I see it, is to create works on canvas, to produce for you acrylic landscapes, watercolours, pastel paintings or landscape oil paintings that will instil the same feeling that I get when I venture out into the beautiful English countryside, painting landscapes that will I am sure imbue in you a passion for the same countryside that inspires me.

There might be in these works something slightly ethereal, spiritual even which will prompt the same response in those who look at my art that moved me to paint the scene in the first place.

After buying the original work of art from me, you become the proud owner of a landscape painting that can enjoy pride of place on your wall. Maybe you'll talk to me and want to go to the landscape that originally inspired me and then you'll care enough to want to preserve it too.

The place, the landscape that most inspires me is chalk downland around where I was born: the grassy gently undulating hills and meadows of Wiltshire, Southern England.

For landscape oil paintings I have much fondness for those very watery salt marshes found in Dorset. Because of this I have often made studies of rare breeds cattle, cows, sheep and many wildlife paintings too where streams and reeds edged by grand old matriarch Willows forge a beautiful scene that is so typical of the English countryside- the inspiration for a rich heritage of past works of art in England as well as for English contemporary art.

The chalk streams in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire and Sussex are also such delightful places that I am often moved to render soft-hued watercolours or pastel paintings. Yet strong light from bright Summer tones needs oil paint or acrylics to capture its richness.

As well as painting English summer countryside scenes I can also be found creating forest paintings or woodland scenes either as drawings, pastel paintings, oil paintings on canvas, or acrylic landscapes. I show stunning countryside and views, often accessed by hidden paths or long climbs up chalky inclines.

England is excellent as an inspiration for watercolour landscape art because there is a lot of blue distance due to it being an island. There is no part of Britain more than 70 miles away from the coast, so a particular atmosphere of light is always around the British landscape.

I like oil paint because it stays wet so you can manipulate it. The annoying thing is that you have to wait for it to dry to do the next stage and when out making a landscape painting you have to capture the light of the countryside scene quickly.

I like acrylic paint because it dries fast. But when painting beautiful English meadows or the farmland countryside scene 'en plein air' acrylic paints dry far too quickly whilst oil paint works well. When painting acrylic landscapes, I take photographs to use as reference and paint back at the studio.

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