Seascape Paintings for Sale

Cornish coast in the summer, Stephen Lewis Gilmore, FOR SALE

My seascape paintings engage with the power and colours of the light and the magnificence of the sea air.

In doing so I follow a long line of great traditional artists who have experimented with producing beautiful seascapes and artwork.

Buy seascape pictures from me and you are joining my quest to embark upon a wild coastal ride, seeking out spectacular and breathtaking panoramas.

If you wish to commission a seascape picture and buy contemporary art online, find a photograph of the desired coastal scene and contact me via my contact page with your requirements.

This original art website is in its early days.
Please don’t hesitate to ask for more about my artistic credentials or any other information not yet provided.
I am an artist not a webmaster so it's an interesting journey of learning!

Below: The artist Stephen Lewis Gilmore with one of his seascapes

If you are interested in buying a seascape for pleasure, inspiration or as an art inspiration, please contact me with your commission or with any questions you may have. 

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