Portrait Artist Wiltshire

Swindon portrait artist Stephen Lewis Gilmore can work from photographs but prefers to meet the subject of the portrait if possible.

Why commission a portrait?

  • Buy an original art painting or sketch for your loved one or for yourself

  • A unique gift for the one you love

  • A unique gift for someone who is difficult to buy for!

  • A way for future generations to remember you

  • To celebrate a significant birthday!

Commission a drama themed portrait

In the following example, the portrait artist has painted and lit the subjects as though they are characters in a play.

The subjects posed for the portrait. The artist took a number of photographs. He then continued the original art piece in his studio.

drama themed artWhere the 3 paths meet. SOLD to a private collection.

Commission a portrait of your children

Portrait of sistersPortrait of siblings. In private collection.

The above portrait was done from two individual photographs of the subjects merged to form one piece of original art.

Example of the portrait artist working from a photograph

Mrs Fry approached the artist with a commission for a portrait of her mother.

Since her mother has long ago passed on the portrait was to be based on the black and white photograph shown below.

And next is the completed portrait...

Photograph of a young woman, circa 1914, Mrs A Fry 2015©

Portraits make great prizes or gifts at corporate events

Subject to availability, this Wiltshire based artist can be hired to complete quick caricature portraits for the participants at corporate events, or perhaps as a prize for winners of a raffle.

Commission a caricature portrait

Detailed caricature portraits make a wonderful original art gift for someone's retirement or leaving party.

The artist's work in this area includes caricature portraits as illustrations for magazines.

Please contact the artist for an example of his work.

Commission a portrait from this Swindon artist

If you would like to commission your own portrait, or the portrait of a wife, husband, daughter, son or any other person, please contact  Stephen Lewis Gilmore to discuss the details.

Portraits can be done in different mediums and to varying degrees of detail.

Oil paintings can only be done if it is possible for the artist to work on location.

Stephen Lewis Gilmore completes original art in different mediums and different styles. Please click around the website to see more contemporary art for sale.

If you are looking to commission a  portrait and you live in Oxfordshire, Gloucester or Berkshire, please note that the proximity to Swindon may allow Stephen Lewis Gilmore to travel to you if necessary.

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