Gift for a Guitarist

Do you  want to buy a guitar themed gift for a guitarist or a present for someone who has everything!

You can invest in a unique gift of a landscape scene on a guitar or even a portrait of the person on the guitar.

If you know a guitarist who has a passion for artwork... or the countryside... or... (fill in the blank) you could combine his or her loves in one present.

This artwork is in a private collection. Commissions are available.

Please know that painting on a guitar affects the resonance of the instrument.  Such paintings are for display purposes only.

If the gift is for a birthday or a particular date, please give the artist plenty of notice.

Of course any original art commissioned will be unique. It doesn't have to be a painting on a guitar!

If you are interested in a unique gift for a guitarist or another loved one, contact artist, Stephen Lewis Gilmore for more information.

Stephen lives just outside Swindon, Wiltshire. Packaging and delivery further afield can be arranged.

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